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Dog Grooming

Dog being groomed
Dog being groomedDog at the entrance of Bergen Bark Inn

As happy as your bff (best furry friend) will be to see you when you come pick them up, you might not be so happy if those kisses and cuddles come with muddy paws. Giving them a bath at the end of their stay is a good way to spruce them up. We offer everything from a simple deodorizing bath to a full spa treatment with a facial, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning. Our special FURminator baths are great for those dogs that tend to shed a lot. We use a specially designed shampoo and conditioner to help remove all of that extra fluff. Now that's the kind of pampering your doggy needs to feel good in their fur! Check out the pricing for all of the wonderful spa treatments performed by our professional and amazing groomers. All of our prices depend on size, temperament and the condition of their coat. Prices are subject to change with any changes to your dogs coat.

Spa Menu

  • Bath and Brushing -- $25.00 - $65.00

  • Nail Trim -- add $10.00

  • Nail Trim + PAWlish -- add $16.00

  • Ear Cleaning -- add $8.00

  • Teeth Brushing -- add $8.00

  • De-Matting -- Starts at an additional $10.00

  • FURminator (de-shed bath, blowout, & de-shed brush) -- Starts at an additional $40.00

Spa Packages

Paw-lux Spa (bath & brush, Nail trim, teeth, & ear cleaning) -- $40.00 - $70.00

Paw-lux Spa with FURminator (Spa, blowout, & FURminator treatment) -- Starts at $55.00