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Come to our waiting area and visit our friendly receptionists! We'd be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

(Disclaimer: Most receptionists are not dogs)

Daycare Yards

Big Dog Daycare

Our Big Dog Daycare yard is always bustling with dogs who love to play! You'll find The craziest and most energetic dogs in this yard where they have plenty of room to fetch, splash, and [occasionally] nap. Big dogs with less energy love to utilize our rock wall to sunbathe out of the way of other dogs, and when it gets too hot they can sleep in the shade of our gazebo. The gazebo is also equipped with heaters for a warm napping place in the winter. We have an indoor room as well for when it gets too hot, too cold, or for dogs to relax in while they eat lunch. We are currently fully booked for big dog daycare Monday through Friday. We are currently accepting new Large Dog Daycare clients for weekend daycare. Please call and get added to our waitlist if you are interested in joining our daycare program.


When nobody is using this yard we will also use it for some of our more solitary dogs (single or family groups who don't enjoy the company of other dogs as much). This way they still have lots of room to stretch and play while they stay with us.

Little Dog Daycare

The Little Dog Daycare yard is usually full of guests of more "petite" stature, but some shy or older large dogs can also be found here. Many of these dogs love relaxing in the sun (with the occasional game of fetch or tug-of-war). Young puppies are also started in this yard so they aren't so intimidated by the size and play-power of full grown big dogs. 

We have an indoor room for this yard as well. The little dogs love to take naps inside, especially when it gets chilly out! Remember to bring an extra sweater for them when it's snowy. Trust us, they'll thank you.


This yard is also used for singles and family groups while the little dogs are away. The slope of the hill makes for a great fetch area, the dogs get more exercise out of running up and down than they would on a flat yard.


Boarding Yard

Almost every dog who boards with us will be in this yard at some point. We cycle our groups through this yard (separated based on size and temperament) four times a day. This is our biggest yard and has plenty of space to run, play, and sunbathe. 

Side Yard

Our smallest and most rarely used yard. We would rather take most Single and Group dogs out into bigger yards or on walks, but for some dogs this yard is a better option. Geriatric dogs, dogs who are blind or have special needs, and dogs recovering from injuries are examples of dogs who might be more comfortable here. This yard is small, but it's easy for dogs to navigate around without getting hurt. 


We have two large hallways full of kennels where many of our bigger guests stay. The runs come in regular or family size, and each one stretches back a full 18 ft. The kennels are cleaned out and sanitized daily for your pets' health. We also use a cage card system to mark down whether they've eaten, gone outside, or had their medication so that we can ensure nothing's being missed. 

Little Dog Rooms

Our little dog kennels come in four sizes so we can accommodate little dogs of all kinds. our biggest kennels can also house two small siblings, but if you have more than two small dogs staying with us we recommend reserving a suite. We also have our little dog floor space available for some of our larger little furry friends or for families with multiple little dogs.


Our Suites are like a personal hotel room for your pups; they feel nice and cozy just like home to put your pets at ease. Most of our suites ar located near the front office and are very peaceful and serene. These rooms are a great treat for dogs who might be extra nervous about boarding. 

Cat Room

Our cat room is specially designed so that our feline friends have the freedom and independence they love. We let the kitties free roam the room one at a time throughout the day. That way the cats who aren't exploring get plenty of time to Cat-Nap! 

Tools & Toys

Here at BBI we use many methods and tools to keep your dog engaged, having fun, and on their best behavior. Here are some of these tools in action, as well as some examples of how much fun  your dog might have using them!

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