Our managers participate in the petboarding Expo in order to keep up to date with the best tricks of the trade. Daycares from across the country gather here to share methods, tricks, and techniques that ensure your pets' best care and safety. We are always looking to improve, so everything useful learned at these conventions gets integrated into a new routine for our daycare.

Our Foods

Purina ProPlan is our kennel's basic food. We use the Gastroenteric Formula to help dogs digest better when switching from their regular food to ours. We also use FortiFlora, a probiotic that helps with digestion, to aid dogs with tummy troubles as well as tempt dogs who are picky eaters. FortiFlora has a taste and smell similar to adding bullion to a dish, so if dogs aren't eating it adds more appeal to the food and they will generally gobble it down happily.  We also use Purina's Gastroenteric Feline Formula for our dry kitty house food and Hill's Science Diet for our wet kitty food

We also offer a grain free and limited ingredient variety of food. As of January 2019, we are now using Natural Balance as our additional type of house food. This food is great for those dogs with a more sensitive diet. We will have both the sweet potato and chicken flavor as well as the fish and sweet potato flavor. 

Pill Pockets are an important tool to make sure pets get their medicine. These malleable and yummy smelling treats allow us to hide medicine on the inside, and their strong scents and flavors make dogs want to scarf them down so fast they never even realize there's medicine in there. We carry all flavors of Pill Pockets, including the duck and pea formula for dogs who have allergies.

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Can't get enough cute pictures and videos? Want updates on deals or a glimpse into your pets day of play? Follow us on Facebook! We love taking pictures of all the cute and goofy things your pets do all day, and we post them so you don't have to miss out on anything while your kids are away. Feel free to shoot us pictures too, we love updates on our favorite visitors!

In addition to our Facebook, we also have an Instagram. Feel free to add us to check up on your on furry family member or to see all of our other friends her. If you want to see you pet on either site, please ask our office staff when you drop off and we will do our best to get some funny, happy, cute or crazy pictures up.


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