Forget your worries! While the parents are away the kids will play!


We take pride in knowing your pet's personality, likes and dislikes, and any special needs. Please let us know if you have any special requests. We don't mind going out of our way to make your pet's stay more enjoyable.


We offer play time with every stay where your kids can socialize with similar pups. We separate our groups based on size and energy level. All guests get to romp in our yards, bask in the sun, splash in our pool, or frolic in the snow four times a day.


 If your dog does not play well with others, please call us! We would love to discuss how we can potentially cater to your pets specific needs or give you contact information for a home sitter.

Extra Activities

Yappy Hour 

Happy Hour for your pups. We'll give your dogs a rubber Kong toy filled with your choice of sweet potato, pumpkin, or peanut butter. Just another way to spoil your fur-babies while you're away! 

$4 Per Kong


We offer two different variety of our Pupsicles, both chicken and veggie. Pupsicles are a nice cool treat, especially on those really hot days. Chicken Pupsicles are made with no sodium, organic chicken broth and Veggie Pupsicles are made with organic veggie broth.

$2.50 per 3 Pupsicles

Meadow Walks

Meadow Walks are a great way to get your pups some extra time outside and more exercise during their stay with us! We offer 15 minute and 30 minute Meadow Walks through gorgeous Elk Meadow, weather permitting. Due to our wonderful location, we can also take our furry friends towards Stagecoach for a fun (and less messy) walk if there is poor weather.

$15 for 15 minutes
$25 for 30 minutes

Pip-Squeak Daycare With Boarding

Our Pip Squeaks can take advantage of a whole day out with the daycare pack to play. Your pup will get more time outside as well as a rowdier group of friends to get out any extra energy. Check for availability with our office staff when at drop off.

$19 per day or use a package day, it's up to you!

Bully Sticks

We offer three different styles of Bully Sticks that we can give to your pet(s) whenever you would like. We have regular 12" Bully Sticks, Pretzel shaped Bully Sticks, and Lollipop shaped Bully Sticks.

$5 per 12" Bully Stick
$5 per Pretzel Bully Stick
$5 per Lollipop Bully Stick 

Dino Teeth Chews

We offer two different sizes of Dino Teeth Chews. They are a delicious and cute was to help keep your pet(s) teeth clean while they are staying with us. We have sizes appropriate for most small dogs and big dogs. 

$0.80 per Small Chew
$2.05 per Large Chew 

Cow Tails

We also have cow tail treats that can be purchased for you pet(s) while they stay with us. They are a safer, 100 % digestible alternative to rawhide chews. Cow tails also offer dental benefits for dogs who like to chew.

$2.15 per Cow Tail

Various Other Treats

We keep a variety of additional treats available in our store. We have stocked Zuke's, Merrick, Wag More Bark Less, and Fromm treats based on the demand from our clients. Please check out our store in the front office and if you don't see anything you like, feel free to give the office staff suggestions. We are always looking to stock more products that our furry friends would like.

$5.00 - $15.00 per bag

No-Commingle Charge

Our socialized play group isn't necessarily perfect for all of our four legged friends. We love them just the same, however, there is an additional nightly fee for doing them separately from our groups. The extra fee will provide you dog with plenty of one on one time with one of our staff members either going for a walk, cuddling, or playing ball. Once you're dog has passed their trial day, we will do everything we can to spoil them extra rotten.

$18 per night

Room Types

Boarding Trial Days

We offer trial days for our boarding program to help make sure that we are a good fit for your furbaby. Trial days are required for ALL dogs coming to our facility for Boarding or Daycare. Trial days occur Tuesday and Wednesday when we have adequate time to assess the dogs in the facility and make an educated decision. All dogs must complete two trial days before we can book any overnight boarding stays. Please feel free to ask our office staff for more information on trial days.

****New Weekend Large Dog Daycare clients may come in on a first come, first serve basis and we will assess them at that time

$19.00 per trial 

Kennel with Run


Our kennels are 18 ft. long with a front section for lounging and a back section to stretch their legs and move around.

  • Jumbo run - 4 1/2 X 18'

  • Large run - 3 1/2 x 18'

  • Standard run - 3 x 18'


Price of all the runs: $45 per day per dog with a 10% discount for second pup in the same run.

*Peak or seasonal rates may apply


Private Suite


Our suites are located near or in the reception area. This area is quieter and gives a home-like feel to your pups while you are away. Suites are perfect for geriatric guests, guests with special needs, or pups that prefer a quieter place to rest


Price of all of the suites: $55 per day, per dog with a 10% discount for the second pup in the same suite.

*Peak or seasonal rates may apply

Pip Squeak Room


The Pip Squeak Room is for our smaller guests. This keeps our little fur-babies with similar breeds and like-minded behavior together. There are multiple size kennels to fit every size of small dog.


Price for all kennels: $42 per dog, per day with a 10% discount for the second pup in the same run.

*Peak or seasonal rates may apply


Kitty Quarters

*All prices may be subject to change.

Our kitty condos provide enough room for your kitty to move about during their stay, and we even have room for 2 kitty family members to stay together. Each feline friend is able to stretch out outside of their condos throughout the day inside the Kitty Commons if they The room is complete with a fireplace they can cozy up next to during the winter and large windows where they can peek outside and see nature around them.


Rate for all Kitty Condos - $30 per day, per kitty

*Peak or seasonal rates may apply

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